Defeat the Generals.
Challenge Enric.
Master the Fundamentals.

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How to play

Challenge and defeat Enric and his 3 generals in quiz-based format!

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    Download Enric's Generals on the App Store or google play.

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    Play quizzes anywhere, anytime to master your fundamental skills.

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    Earn in-game tokens to exchange for explanations for questions' correct answer.

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    Complete milestone to earn achievements to upgrade your avatar and frame.

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    Earn your place on the leaderboard in both single play and as a clan. Will you be number one?

Get training… Get winning…

Master the Fundamentals..

About us

Engaged learning
yields results.

Enric's Generals introduces quiz-based missions with in-game and real-world achievements that encourage play and proficiency of Generic Fundamentals.

Learning can and should be engaging, and this app will keep you playing until you're able to master every facet of the topics.

We won't just ask, we'll also explain. Simplified explanations are available for correct answers to reinforce topics as you progress.

Your success is our mission!

Master the Fundamentals

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